1. Make sure you have all the income slips for the fiscal year (see list).

2. You have children at CEGEP or university? Bring with you all fees statements (T2202/Relevé 8) or any other document relevant to get the maximum from tax deductions allowed.

3. If you have relatives 70 and over who live with you, take their income slips with yours to benefit from certain tax credits you may be entitled to.

4. Bring all receipts that could be considered as expenses to maximize your income tax credits and refunds (check-list).

5. If you have purchased a property during the fiscal year, you may also benefit from some income tax credits. Tell us about it and bring the relevant documents with you.

6. You are self-employed? See our list of eligible expenses to take advantage of the maximum tax deductions (Self-Employed Worker).

7. Sale of income property. Check our list of documents to bring with you to minimize your capital gains and thus pay less income tax (Sale of a Property).

8. You own an income property. See the list of documents required to calculate the capital gain or loss for your income tax report (Revenue Property). Make sure to mention if a family member is a tenant.

9. If you are a tenant as of December 31st, make sure you have a Relevé 31.

10. If you own a property, make sure to bring your municiple tax receipt.