1. What is the deadline to submit my income tax return?

Individuals : April 30th for documents and payment
Self-Employed : June 15th for documents and April 30th for payment

2. Do I need an appointment?

You just need to come during our business hours.  The waiting time is extremely quick.

3. How long will it take for my income tax return be ready for pick-up?

If you have all the documents needed, it will take only a few days. Exceptionally for seniors who have difficulty coming again, we can do them immediately.

4. What documents are required? 

See the following links : Check-List - Self-Employed Worker - Rental Properties - Sale of Property

5. What are the terms of payment?

Payments can be made by Mastercard, Visa, debit or cash.  Payment is required at signing of documents.

6. Do you e-file the income tax returns?

Yes, we are accredited by both governments so it is our duty to e-file them.

7. What happens if I have late income taxes to do?

The federal government will still accept them by e-file but for the provincial government, we will have to submit them on paper.

8. What happens if I receive an assessment amount difference than the one you calculated for me?

You send it to us so we can verify and give you the explanations
- By email : impotmarino@gmail.com
- By fax: 514-271-5811
- At our office

9. What is the deadline to bring you my documents?

At mid-April, we start charging extra fees to have them ready by April 30th.

10. What happens if I'm missing documents?

With your autorisation by signing the T1013 form, and at low cost, we can get them online.

11. What is the Revelé 31 for?

The Relevé 31 is to calculate the Solidarity Tax Credit according to how many people signed the lease.

12. Is the direct deposit mandatory?

It is preferable to have the direct deposit in order to receive a quick reimbursement.  It is mandatory though to receive the Solidarity Tax Credit.